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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018 ICC World Cup Qualifiers in Zimbabwe - Rain helps West Indies edge Scotland to qualify for 2019 ICC World Cup

The West Indies snatched a spot at next year's World Cup by edging to a five-run victory over Scotland on DLS method in Harare on Wednesday March 21,2018

The two-time World Cup winners were bowled out for just 198 batting first, but rain forced an early finish with the game in the balance and Scotland on 125/5 with 14.4 overs remaining.

Jason Holder's Windies claimed the penultimate place for the tournament in England and Wales, with Scotland knocked out of contention.

"I'm extremely pleased to get through to the World Cup. We've been through a lot in the last two years," said captain Holder.

Zimbabwe will claim the final place at the reduced 10-team World Cup if they beat the United Arab Emirates on Thursday March 22,2018

Britney Spears is the new face for luxury brand Kenzo

Britney Spears has landed her first high fashion modelling campaign as the new face of Paris-based Kenzo.

The 36-year-old singer said she had been waiting for the “right fit and the right opportunity” to represent a luxury brand.

Celebrity photographer Peter Lindbergh snapped Spears in relaxed styles that feature denim, baseball caps and florals, as well as the princess of pop’s signature exposed midriff. 

2018 Indian Premier League(IPL)Season 11 - Tata Nexon is now the official partner for the Vivo IPL

IPL 2018 will witness stadiums showcasing Tata Nexon SUV and also expect heavy television commercials of Tata Nexon as The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Tata Motors have signed upon a new association.

Tata Nexon is now the official partner for the Vivo Indian Premier League and the new association will continue for three years till 2020 IPL season

Farm suicides hit a 21-year low in 2016, claims government

Suicides in the farm sector fell to a 21-year low of 11,370 in 2016, government data presented in Parliament showed, declining 10% from the previous year’s figure of 12,602.

While fewer farmers took their own lives during the year than the year before, more agriculture sector workers killed themselves during the period, provisional numbers from the Union home ministry’s annual Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) report showed.

The overall decline in farmer suicides came in a year India witnessed a normal monsoon—an important determinant of farm output—while 2015 had seen a crippling drought across several states.

The number of farm suicides in 2016 is the lowest since 1996. Past ADSI reports show that the highest number of 18,241 suicides were seen in 2004, another drought year. In 1995, when the National Crime Records Bureau started recording farm suicides, the numbers were the lowest at 10,720.

State-wise data from the agriculture ministry in response to a question in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday showed that suicides by farm labourers rose from 4,595 in 2015 to 5,019 in 2016, an increase of 9.2%, highlighting the fact that despite a normal monsoon, landless labourers at the bottom of India’s vast farm economy continued to suffer.

However, suicides by landholding farmers fell by a sharp 21%, from 8,007 in 2015 to 6,351 in 2016, indicating waning distress after consecutive years of drought in 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh accounted for 7,865 suicides, or about 70% of the total. Ten states reported fewer than seven suicides, with large states like West Bengal and Bihar reporting no cases.

“The figures are not quite believable. For instance, in Punjab, studies by leading universities have shown that suicide rate of farm workers is higher than farmers, while these figures presented in Parliament are showing a different picture,” said Kavitha Kuruganti, convener of the New Delhi-based farm policy advocacy group Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture.

“West Bengal reporting no suicides is questionable as earlier ADSI reports showed 230 suicides in 2014, and 807 in 2011. There have been regular reports of potato farmers from the state committing suicide,” Kuruganti said, adding, “In terms of states showing an increase in suicides in 2016 compared to 2015, you would find that there are BJP, Congress, Left, and BJD governments there. Shows that no government, state or centre is actually delivering when it comes to agrarian crisis.”

Google Doodle honours Japanese geochemist Katsuko Saruhashi (March 22,1920 - Sep 29,2007)on her 98th birth anniversary with a doodle.

Google  honoured Japanese geochemist Katsuko Saruhashi on her 98th birth anniversary with a doodle.

Dr. Katsuko is widely known for two research projects. She was one of the first to study and measure the levels of carbon dioxide in seawater. Her methodology came to be known as ‘Saruhashi’s Table’ and was widely used by oceanographers.

She also measured the spread and fallout from nuclear testing in the 1950s. When several nations were conducting nuclear tests at remote sites, there were concerns about the amount of radioactive material reaching Japan through air or seawater. She found out that fallout from an American bomb test on the Pacific Island of Bikini reached Japan through seawater a year and a half after the test.

Dr. Katsuko was the first woman to be awarded a doctoral degree in Chemistry from the University of Tokyo in 1957. She was the first woman to be elected as a member of the Science Council of Japan. She was also the first woman to receive the Miyake Prize for geochemistry in 1985

In 1981, she established the Saruhashi Prize, given each year to a Japanese woman who has made important contributions to the field of natural sciences.

A-Z of Women in Science and Math quotes Dr. Katsuko as saying, “the prize highlights the capabilities of women scientists. Each winner has not only been a successful researcher, but a wonderful human being as well.”

World Water Day - March 22

World Water Day is an annual observance day on 22 March to highlight the importance of  freshwater

 It is also used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resource

The first World Water Day, designated by the United Nations, was commemorated in 1993

The theme for 2018 is "Nature for Water" to encourage people to "look for the answer in nature".

2018 Indian Premier League(IPL) Season 11 Full Schedule Date and Time of All the Matches

DateTeam 1Team 2VenueTime
April 7Mumbai IndiansChennai Super KingsMumbai8:00 PM
April 8Delhi DaredevilsKings XI PunjabDelhi4:00 PM
April 8Kolkata Knight RidersRoyal Challengers BangaloreKolkata8:00 PM
April 9Sunrisers HyderabadRajasthan RoyalsHyderabad8:00 PM
April 10Chennai Super KingsKolkata Knight RidersChennai8:00 PM
April 11Rajasthan RoyalsDelhi DaredevilsJaipur8:00 PM
April 12Sunrisers HyderabadMumbai IndiansHyderabad8:00 PM
April 13Royal Challengers BangaloreKings XI PunjabBangalore8:00 PM
April 14Mumbai IndiansDelhi DaredevilsMumbai4:00 PM
April 14Kolkata Knight RidersSunrisers HyderabadKolkata8:00 PM
April 15Royal Challengers BangaloreRajasthan RoyalsBangalore4:00 PM
April 15Kings XI PunjabChennai Super KingsIndore8:00 PM
April 16Kolkata Knight RidersDelhi DaredevilsKolkata8:00 PM
April 17Mumbai IndiansRoyal Challengers BangaloreMumbai8:00 PM
April 18Rajasthan RoyalsKolkata Knight RidersJaipur8:00 PM
April 19Kings XI PunjabSunrisers HyderabadIndore8:00 PM
April 20Chennai Super KingsRajasthan RoyalsChennai8:00 PM
April 21Kolkata Knight RidersKings XI PunjabKolkata4:00 PM
April 21Delhi DaredevilsRoyal Challengers BangaloreDelhi8:00 PM
April 22Sunrisers HyderabadChennai Super KingsHyderabad4:00 PM
April 22Rajasthan RoyalsMumbai IndiansJaipur8:00 PM
April 22Rajasthan RoyalsMumbai IndiansJaipur8:00 PM
April 23Kings XI PunjabDelhi DaredevilsIndore8:00 PM
April 24Mumbai IndiansSunrisers HyderabadMumbai8:00 PM
April 25Royal Challengers BangaloreChennai Super KingsBangalore8:00 PM
April 26Sunrisers HyderabadKings XI PunjabHyderabad8:00 PM
April 27Delhi DaredevilsKolkata Knight RidersDelhi8:00 PM
April 28Chennai Super KingsMumbai IndiansChennai8:00 PM
April 29Rajasthan RoyalsSunrisers HyderabadJaipur4:00 PM
April 29Royal Challengers BangaloreKolkata Knight RidersBangalore8:00 PM
April 30Chennai Super KingsDelhi DaredevilsChennai8:00 PM
May 1Royal Challengers BangaloreMumbai IndiansBangalore8:00 PM
May 2Delhi DaredevilsRajasthan RoyalsDelhi8:00 PM
May 3Kolkata Knight RidersChennai Super KingsKolkata8:00 PM
May 4Kings XI PunjabMumbai IndiansMohali8:00 PM
May 5Chennai Super KingsRoyal Challengers BangaloreChennai4:00 PM
May 5Sunrisers HyderabadDelhi DaredevilsHyderabad8:00 PM
May 6Mumbai IndiansKolkata Knight RidersMumbai4:00 PM
May 6Kings XI PunjabRajasthan RoyalsMohali8:00 PM
May 7Sunrisers HyderabadRoyal Challengers BangaloreHyderabad8:00 PM
May 8Rajasthan RoyalsKings XI PunjabJaipur8:00 PM
May 9Kolkata Knight RidersMumbai IndiansKolkata8:00 PM
May 10Delhi DaredevilsSunrisers HyderabadDelhi8:00 PM
May 11Rajasthan RoyalsChennai Super KingsJaipur8:00 PM
May 12Kings XI PunjabKolkata Knight RidersMohali4:00 PM
May 12Royal Challengers BangaloreDelhi DaredevilsBangalore8:00 PM
May 13Chennai Super KingsSunrisers HyderabadChennai4:00 PM
May 13Mumbai IndiansRajasthan RoyalsMumbai8:00 PM
May 14Kings XI PunjabRoyal Challengers BangaloreMohali8:00 PM
May 15Kolkata Knight RidersRajasthan RoyalsKolkata8:00 PM
May 16Mumbai IndiansKings XI PunjabMumbai8:00 PM
May 17Royal Challengers BangaloreSunrisers HyderabadBangalore8:00 PM
May 18Delhi DaredevilsChennai Super KingsDelhi8:00 PM
May 19Rajasthan RoyalsRoyal Challengers BangaloreJaipur4:00 PM
May 19Sunrisers HyderabadKolkata Knight RidersHyderabad8:00 PM
May 20Delhi DaredevilsMumbai IndiansDelhi4:00 PM
May 20Chennai Super KingsKings XI PunjabChennai8:00 PM
May 22Qualifier 1Qualifier 1Mumbai8:00 PM
May 23EliminatorEliminatorTBC8:00 PM
May 25Qualifier 2Qualifier 2TBC8:00 PM
May 27FinalFinalMumbai8:00 PM